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Thrill Packages can be arranged for single or groups and you can event request extra time package for  extended city sightseeing or for more thrills you can look into our UFLY Package.

Duration of time in the aircraft is 30 minutes. 
Flight time is approximately 25 minutes.

We want your experience to be amazing, and part of that is taking away the unknown by having you know what to expect. Here’s a brief rundown of how your time with us will unfold:
-Upon arriving at our hangar, you will be greeted by Upright Aviation Academy staff 
-You will be asked to read, review and sign a waiver form
-If you haven’t eaten, you will be offered a snack and beverage
-Upright staff will conduct a 10-minute mandatory safety briefing
-You’ll proceed to the plane, take a few photos, and get strapped in
-You’ll taxi out to the runway and go for your flight!
-Upon returning to the hangar, you’ll be offered a snack and beverage
-More photo time will be available
-Purchase one of our video/photo packages of your flight if you’d like
-You are welcome to hang out with us a while, or go tell all your friends about your amazing flight!

Contrary to what some people may believe, pilots are NOT out to make you sick. They don’t want to have to clean the plane!

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