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Who Are We?

Upright Aviation Academy is a certified Flight Training Unit operating out of beautiful southern Ontario. We specialize in 3 categories of operations:

  • Safety Training

  • Aerobatic/Tailwheel Training

  • Aerobatic Thrill Rides (no flying experience necessary)

Our Pilots are trained and experienced in all aspects of aviation and are certified UPRT/Aerobatic/Tailwheel Instructors who have undergone rigorous training.  Not just anyone can pass the knowledge and skill of the "all attitude environment" on to a Pilot and not just any Pilot can be an Upright Aviation Academy Instructor.  This comes with many years of operational experience, knowledge, and expertise while following the guidelines set out in industry standard concepts, along with continuous amendments in training programs and accountability.

Thrill Rides


Join us for an ultimate adrenalin-fueled experience for every thrill seeker. Let us offer you a thrill of a lifetime!


Come fly with us and we’ll take you on a flight filled with loops, rolls and hard turns that will give you an adrenalin rush like no other.


The manouevers you will experience are the same ones professional pilots use during air show routines. So if you’ve ever attended an air show and looked skyward in awe, you have the opportunity to experience the same thing.


Want video? ask about our 3 camera and telemetry system to take home your video and picture footage to show your friends and family!



From beginner to advanced & competition aerobatics as well as AFI, we've got you covered. Train with one of our certified Class 1/2 Aerobatic Flight Instructors. Expand your horizons, improve your skills and confidence, and learn how to fly in any attitude. Basic aerobatic maneuvers taught include: spins, loops, rolls, hammerheads, immelmans, and cuban eights.


Tailwheel training is also available. You will learn to use the rudder more precisely for coordinated flight and increase awareness of the wind and how it affects the aircraft in the two most critical phases of flight- takeoff and landing.   A tailwheel aircraft is much less forgiving when accounting for wind than a tri-cycle gear aircraft and forces the pilot to be more focused and aware.

Safety courses


Our Safety courses are aimed at preventing Loss of Control Accidents (LOC-I).


Loss of Control accidents are the leading cause of aviation accidents and fatalities far surpassing all other categories.


The industry has been able to lower every single category cause of accidents, yet LOC-I have steadily increased.


LOC-I accidents are almost always catastrophic; 97 percent of the accidents analyzed involved fatalities to passengers or pilots.


This category of accident contributed to the most fatalities. Given this severity, LOC-I accidents have been assessed by the IATA Safety Department and the industry to be the highest risk to aviation safety and deemed to be an area for increased attention.

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Get In Touch

You are able to reach us via email at or via phone at either 905-975-5237 or 905-399-1873

Or come visit!

We operate out of Burlington Airport (CZBA) in beautiful Southern Ontario Canada, just a short drive from Downtown Toronto.

 OR we can also come to your location if required.

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