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EMT  |  Emergency Maneuver Training


After completing EMT - Emergency Maneuver Training, your confidence as a pilot and your flying skills will be greatly enhanced. Upon satisfactory course completion, a graduation certificate is issued which can be kept on file for pilot insurance renewals and/or required flight department records. 

If you’re uncertain about your piloting skills and you’re looking to expand your envelope, or if your flight review is around the corner, consider taking an emergency maneuvers course. It’s a great way to significantly improve your awareness and skills. entry and recovery from one- and two-turn spins, aggravated spins, skidded turns, spirals, rolls, inverted flight, simulated wake turbulence, overbanked conditions, recoveries from unusual attitudes, simulated control loss and more. By the time you’ve completed the full training program, not only will you be able to recover from unusual attitudes but, more importantly, you’ll also be able to recognize and avoid potentially bad situations before they escalate to something worse.

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