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UPRT  |  Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Course Description -  The Upset Prevention and Recovery training course teaches pilots to recover from every possible in-flight upset or flight envelope excursion. It is focused on “Recognition and Avoidance” through flight training integrated with a theoretical understanding of aerodynamics involved with all flight conditions. Pilots will fly in multiple unusual attitudes and abnormal flight envelope conditions. Pilots will learn effective recognition, avoidance and recovery skills.


Loss of Control accidents are the leading cause of aviation accidents and fatalities far surpassing number 2 which is controlled flight into terrain.


The industry has been able to lower every single category cause of accidents, yet LOC-I have steadily increased.


LOC-I accidents are almost always catastrophic; 97 percent of the accidents analyzed involved fatalities to passengers or crew. This category of accident contributed to the most fatalities.


Given this severity, LOC-I accidents have been assessed by the IATA Safety Department and the industry to be the highest risk to aviation safety and deemed to be an area for increased attention.

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