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No flying experience required yet you will be give the option to take control of a world class unlimited aerobatic airplane preforming aerobatic maneuvers.

What to Expect:

-Upon arriving at our hangar, you will be greeted by Upright Aviation Academy staff 

-Upright staff will conduct a mandatory safety briefing

-You’ll proceed to the plane, take a few photos, and get strapped in-

-You’ll taxi out to the runway and go for your flight!

-Loops - Rolls - Hammerheads - Tumbles - Vertical Rolls - plus you get to fly if you choose!

-You will return to the hangar.

-More photo time will be available

​-Purchase one of our video/photo packages of your flight if you’d like

The flight will be fully customized to your enjoyment including as wild or as tame as you would like.

  • How many people can fly at once?
    with aerobatic plane and designs, only one person can fly at a time but let us know and we can send a second aircraft up for your friend or family member to spectate or also do an aerobatic ride at the same time
  • Is it safe?
    Our pilots have many years and even decades in aerobatic and competition flying. We are certified by transport Canada as a flight training unit and undergo intense annual training as well as internal and external audits from Transport Canada. Our planes are maintained impeccably well beyond commercial standards.
  • What if I feel sick?
    our goal is for you to have the best flight and experience possible so that you can feel good and share your experience with others in a positive way. We are not out to make you green and take things slow and little by little add some complexity only if you are comfortable and feeling well. In rare cases where passengers start to feel below 100%, we have mitigation techniques such as flying straight and level or giving you control for a while. We also start with the basics and slowly progress to more advanced manoeuvres if you are comfortable so have no fear.
  • Does your facility have washrooms? Can my friends and family watch me or wait there?
    Our 8000 sq ft facility with washrooms and comfortable lounges and boardroom can be a great spot for anyone you bring to watch you board and get ready, as well as enjoy our comfortable awesome space. Lots of cool airplanes to look at while they wait. Unfortunately we have to go to a designated area to do aerobatics and being so close to Pearson airspace, requires us to take a quick 6 min flight west for the fun to begin. Your friends and family will be able to watch your cool takeoff and arrival.

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