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No flying experience required yet you will be give the option to take control of a world class unlimited aerobatic airplane preforming aerobatic maneuvers.

What to Expect:

-Upon arriving at our hangar, you will be greeted by Upright Aviation Academy staff 

-Upright staff will conduct a mandatory safety briefing

-You’ll proceed to the plane, take a few photos, and get strapped in-

-You’ll taxi out to the runway and go for your flight!

-Loops - Rolls - Hammerheads - Tumbles - Vertical Rolls - plus you get to fly if you choose!

-You will return to the hangar.

-More photo time will be available

​-Purchase one of our video/photo packages of your flight if you’d like

The flight will be fully customized to your enjoyment including as wild or as tame as you would like.

Book Your Ride

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