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Our offering is the only one of its kind in Canada for Safety Training 


Experienced with Charters, Corporate, Air Ambulance, US Airllines, 2 jet ratings, Chief Pilot, Aerobatics, Bush Pilots, Floats just to name a few


April-November CZBA Burlington Airport Milton ON (Satellite Kitchener Waterloo Airport) and when required during December - March Las Vegas/San Diego


UPRT Training is mandatory in Europe (April 2018) and in the USA (March 2018) per the FAA.  


According to the FAA the top ten leading causes of fatal general aviation accidents from 2001-2016:

  1. Loss of Control Inflight

  2. Controlled Flight into Terrain

  3. System Component Failure

  4. Fuel Related

  5. Unknown / Undetermined

  6. System Component Failures

  7. Unintended Flight in IMC

  8. Midair Collisions

  9. Low-Altitude Operations

  10. Other


The all composite Extra 330 is the highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft in the world with a maximum speed of 253mph and a load factor of +/- 10 G's.  There is virtually no limit to what this plane can do.  

  • Upset Recovery Training (UPRT)

  • Pilot Confidence Course

  • Emergency Maneuvers Training

  • Aerobatic Training & Rides (coming soon)​

  • Videos

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